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Sacred Heart Festival - August 23

Our Sacred Heart community will be hosting a festival on August 23rd 10am – 4:00pm. Come enjoy fellowship, authentic food, margaritas, games, music, and entertainment. Fun for the entire family!

(This is not the Big Event as that will be on Friday, Oct 15th at Redwood Acres).

All are welcome!

August 23, 2015, 21th Sunday in Ordinary Time

 “We have come to believe and are convinced that you are the Holy One of God.” These are the words the disciples of Jesus expressed when He confronted them about their faith. This Sunday the Gospel reading is the culmination of the sixth chapter of John that we have been reading for the last four Sundays, and the liturgy that the Church invites us to meditate on is our faith and conviction. As it happened to the people who followed Jesus almost two thousand years ago, it happens nowadays with many Christian believers when they listen to the word of God. For instance, in the Gospel from today those people who followed Jesus at one point decided to leave Him, because His ideas and teachings were contradicting their own beliefs. They said: “This saying is hard; who can accept it?” In our society, it is hard to accept Jesus’ teaching because many times it contradicts our ways of life, and it is easier to leave our faith and look for beliefs that do not challenge us and that allow us to keep our sinful lifestyles.

Nowadays, being a Christian believer is a matter of conviction, not just a religious tradition. It is not enough to have a blind disconnected faith. We must walk closely with Jesus, living with him in our daily existence: learning and loving in practice. We can then testify with passion of the great power of God in the life of the world, recognizing that through Jesus we are loved by God and invited to share in His ministry.

From the Gospel today, we learn that after meeting Christ and having a personal and intimate experience with Him, we have two choices. The first is to return to our former ways of life and no longer accompany Him, as it happened with many of His disciples, and the second choice is to accept Jesus as the Holy One of God, by expressing our firm belief, as Simon Peter did when he answered Jesus: “Master to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” Thus, let us pray to Christ that our faith may be increased and we may come to believe with great conviction that He is the Holy one of God.

–Fr. David Galeana

Pastor's Corner

In the vestibule of the church is information on the Visiting Angels, an agency/organization which provides seniors and adults with the needed assistance to continue living at home. Caring people are needed.  If you can help or need help pull off a tab on the information sheet or just call 442-8001.

Keeping the church tidy: Please return your missalettes to their proper places and take your bulletins, Kleenex and other personals with you after mass.  Sometimes we treat our church as though it was an auditorium.  We did a little better last weekend. 

Visiting the lonely: There are parishioners who are alone in their homes who are lonely and can use a visit.  Could you spare the time and visit the lonely? What if one was a parent or sibling?.  Would you want someone to visit them? Give the office a call 443-8429 if you can help.

Mass times: A small minority have used the 7pm Sunday night mass after having been away for the weekend and the majority just like the evening mass time.  

The 5:30pm Mass on Saturdays used to be at 5pm. and the group was small.  It continues to be small today with an average of 43 people over the past three weeks. If we brought the mass back to five would it make a difference? The 4pm at St Joseph’s is usually close to full.  What do we do join them or what? Many people go back and forth to St. Bernard’s Church anyway. Adding masses or changing times when we do not fill up the church even 40% at the English masses is what some would call “absurd”.  Your thoughts on the matter……….

Fr Tom

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