Welcome to the Catholic Community of Sacred Heart

...a people worshiping and growing in faith. We welcome you and your family to our parish and we hope that you will find a "home" with us --and that as we grow in God's Spirit we may help one another experience the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We Welcome Fathers Thomas K. Diaz and David Galeana!

Our warmest welcome we extend to Fr. Thomas Diaz, Pastor and Fr. David Galeana, Parochial Vicar, our new pastors at Sacred Heart and St. Bernard Churches. Both Fr. Tom and Fr. David will be living at the Sacred Heart rectory. Parishes will retain their separate offices.

Pastor’s Corner

Dear Parish Family of Sacred Heart:

As I have begun my ministry here at Sacred Heart and St Bernard's I will need your assistance. Some parishioners over the years have put everything into my hands, others have been very careful and have seen me as an outsider and others have checked me out over time to build a trust level and then we work together. Sometimes we use certain pronouns as in "me, myself and I” during this transition time, while we need to use the our  "we and ours." So here is a fumy story:

A "live-in" housekeeper told the pastor that her refrigerator was not working.  He reminded her that it was not hers but the parish’s as it was bought for the house. A few days later she complained that her television was not working.  He gave her the same response in that it was not hers but ours as it belonged to the parish house. Again, a few days later she told the priest that her washer was not working.  He became a bit stern in his answer and told her not to forget that it was ours and not hers.

A few days later the pastors of the area along with the bishop were at the rectory for a meeting. The housekeeper interrupted and asked to see the pastor.  He asked her in front of everyone to just tell him the problem. Remembering his stern comments a few days earlier she said, "Excuse me Father but there is a mouse under 'OUR' bed". 

We need to see the humor in things and the parish is not about me or you, but about us, God included.

A few things: 

Beginning this past week we have arranged for an answering service to take calls after five rings after office hours.  The reason for this is that sometimes people find it difficult to talk to a message machine, and talking to someone is a bit more personal. The other reason is to channel any emergency calls to Fr. David and myself if we are not in.

Did you know that we celebrate 50 years this year in the founding of our parish?  We can throw something together or take time in planning a party/ festival and have it next year when we can celebrate the dedication of 50 years. Anyone want to be on the planning committee? Sign-ups will be next weekend or just phone the office.
Who is in charge of the visiting of our homebound and bringing Holy Communion to them and to those in our convalescent homes?

More info on how we can help our parish next week.

Fr. Tom

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