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The Third Sunday of Advent, December 14, 2014

John the Baptist is sure about his own identity because he is sure about the identity of Jesus. John knows himself to be the precursor of the greater One yet to come, whose sandal strap he is not even worthy to untie. His self-knowledge enables John to be who God intends him to be: not the Messiah, but the one who points beyond self to the Messiah’s presence. If we are asked, “Who are you?” can we be so sure about our own identity in relation to Jesus that our lives too point to him?

John the Baptist in the gospel describes the great difference that exists between who he is and who Jesus is. By implication, the same great difference exists between Jesus and us. Yet, in the second reading Paul makes clear that God indeed diminishes this difference through the grace of the Spirit in whom we are made “perfectly holy” and are “preserved blameless.”

On television, American Idol shows us identities and gifts in fierce competition to be number one. John shows us the opposite: how different identities and gifts must cooperate to bring about the reign of God by not focusing on self but on other…the Messiah. Most of us are not so extraordinary or different, but nonetheless, we are called to announce the coming of the Lord through our manner of faithful living. 

Pastor’s Corner

This weekend we will have sign-ups to assist in the liturgy planning for the Family Mass on Christmas Day.  If you like to decorate and have ideas to enhance family worship please sign-up at the table in the church vestibule. The planning time will be announced at Mass.

Remembering our loved ones at Christmas: Anyone wishing to donate a Poinsettia at $10 a pot in memory of a loved one at Christmas and have his/her name mentioned at one of our Christmas Masses is asked to contact the office by Wednesday noon. Please do not buy the flowers as they will be specially ordered.

Christmas mailing from the parish should hopefully reach you this week. Please pray on what you can give back to God with your treasures through Sacred Heart Church. 

Even though some of you are trying to help please do not lock church doors unless asked to as there might be another function later in the day in the church.

The Christmas Schedule 2014

christmas mass schedule

The Sacrament of Reconciliation

Monday, December 22nd -Communal Penance Service 5:30 pm. at Sacred Heart.

Christmas Eve, December 24th

5:00 pm - Family Mass
7:30 pm - Misa en Español

Christmas Day, December 25th

9:00 am - Mass                                                                      
12:00 pm - Posada Parroquial

Feast of the Holy Family, December 28th

5:30 pm - Vigil Mass                                                                                       
9:00 am - Mass                                                                                                  
1:002 pm - Misa en Español

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God January 1st

4:00 pm - Vigil Mass                                                                                              
10:00 am - Mass                                                                   
12:00 pm - Misa en Español


After the Advent church Mass, eigh year old Ben said to the priest: “When I grow up, I'm going to give you some money.” “Well, thank you,” 'the priest replied, “but why?''  “Because my father says that you're one of the poorest preachers we've ever had.”

“Thank you” from St. Vincent de Paul Society at Sacred Heart

Thank you for the wonderful response to helping shop for gifts for the seventy-two Care Home residents this Christmas and thanks to Diane Shaddix for such a heartfelt explanation of the project.  Thank you, also, for your support with the 5th Sunday collection toward our continued work with the less fortunate of our community and to Gary and Lynn Agajanian and to Steve and Ellie Beckman for their generous donations to fund our Thanksgiving efforts.. With your help, too, we provided meals at Thanksgiving for over 80 families and, now, we are working on Christmas.  Each family will receive a ham, all the dinner fixings and a dessert in addition to a gift for each child, 17 and under.  If you have an hour or so, please join us on Sunday, December 21st, after 9 o'clock Mass, to wrap gifts and assemble them for the individual families.  We will be distributing the dinner items and the gifts on Monday, December 22nd, between 4 and 5:30 p.m. at the Parish Center.  Again, if you have time and would like to help, you are invited.  If you have questions, call Georgeanne at 497-9929.Thanks again and a Blessed Christmas Season to you all! 

Fr. Eric 1st Year Memorial "Going to God" Plans

 "Illuminate the Darkness - With Joy."  New Year's Eve, Dec. 31, will begin with a 5:30 pm Mass, (Solemnity of Mary) followed by activities throughout the night including food, games, streaming football, movies and activities for the kids, Adoration, Rosaries and reading the Gospel of Mark. Mass at 9:00 am on New Years Day will be celebrated by Bishop Vasa followed by a coffee hour.

Click here to download a schedule.

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