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Thanksgiving Day Mass at 9:00 AM

Thanksgivng Day Mass 9 am

The First Sunday of Advent, November 30, 2014

Don’t Forget Mañana.   According to Mark’s Jesus, nobody knows about “that day or hour” in which the Son of Man will return, neither the angels in heaven, nor Jesus himself, but only the Father (Mk 13:32). Yet Jesus assured his immediate audience that they would not “pass away until all these things have taken place” (Mk 13:30). His thrice-repeated exhortation, “keep awake, stay alert,” highlights the urgency of the situation.

To appreciate Jesus’ exhortation, a modern Western reader needs to understand the Middle Eastern view of time and the relationships between master and servants. Mediterranean cultures are oriented primarily to the present. Future events are very difficult to imagine and nearly impossible to grasp. Activities that do not have to take place at the present moment (e.g., cooking the next meal, getting dressed to start the day) are routinely put off.  For Hispanics there is mañana, and for the Italians, domani.  Even Jesus reminded his followers not to “worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today” (Mt 6:34).

The Middle Eastern concept of the present includes tomorrow.  People with a strong cultural orientation to the present need to be nudged to think more about the future, even if only tomorrow, just as Americans whose cultural orientation is primarily toward the future need to be reminded to think about the present, today, this very moment. So what is the point in today’s Gospel? In Mark 13, Jesus has announced an event that is imminent, along with its accompanying signs. But none of these signs was yet visible to his listeners, and the normal cultural tendency would be to put such an exhortation and event out of mind. “Today’s trouble is enough for today.”

Further, because the Mediterranean cultures are group centered the slave’s status is seen as a member of the extended household. These slaves are family. The master who goes on a long journey expects every member of the household, every family member, to do the work they are assigned.  They must not put it off for tomorrow.
The doorkeeper, too, is to keep watch for the master’s return, lest he find the family fast asleep instead of eager to greet and welcome the returning head of household. Anyone who has returned home after a long absence at a late hour knows the difference between being greeted by a loved one and entering a house where all are asleep.

Mark’s Jesus urges his listeners and subsequent generations of believers to be ever watchful for the return of a beloved family member. It is, after all, a fact of our faith: the beloved Master will indeed return and expect to be welcomed by family in fitting fashion. Are we ready?

Pastor’s Corner

I would like to welcome Msgr. Brady who has desired to live his retirement here in Eureka and assist the Catholic Communities in Humboldt County.  Thirty-four years ago when I was at St Bernard’s Msgr. Brady was my first pastor and now I feel honored that I can open my door to be his pastor.

 I want to thank the parish community and the St. Vincent de Paul workers for their generosity shown to the needy.  Over eighty baskets were made up for Thanksgiving. 

 Looking ahead at Monday, December 8th, we have the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception and it is our major  Marian feast of the year.   As a Holy Day of Obligation on a Monday ( Yes, we go two days in a row to church) the Mass times are different as we do not have vigil masses on Sunday evening: St. Joseph’s 7:30 am, St Bernard’s Catholic School 10 am (All are welcome), St Bernard’s 12:15.  Sacred Heart 8:30 am, 5:30pm and 7pm (Spanish).  

Room at the inn? A Catholic gentleman Walter Yuhre is moving with his family from the Walnut Creek area to Eureka as he has a job working for the State Employment Office.  He is looking for a temporary place for himself to live for a month.  Do you know of anyone who can assist him?  His pastor gave me a glowing reference.  Walter can spend about $300 for the month’s rent. His phone number is (916) 708-6358.


The store's Santa Claus gave Jeanie a candy cane.  Her mother said, "What do you say, Jeanie?"  Jeanie looks up at Santa and said, "Charge it!" 

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